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Phishing with Bad Bait

I have to wonder, really, who falls for some of the phishing expeditions out there. Every now and then, a phishing email manages to elude my filters and make it to my inbox and, for the most part, they just make me laugh and toss it into my junk folder…

Death Valley

From the frosty chill of the mountains of Utah where we had to scrape ice from the windshield to the blistering heat of Death Valley, California.

Utah Canyons

Carrying on from Arizona is Utah, also home to stunning scenery.

Roaming around Arizona

Went down to the US Southwest back in the fall of 2013 and I’ve been remiss in publishing some of the images from there. So, here’s Arizona.

The Photoshop Model

It doesn’t take a lot of time on Google to find plenty of examples of Photoshop work done to models to make them more “attractive” in print magazines or online ads. There’s also been a backlash against this in many places, primarily because people are starting to find the extreme…