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Too Late…


Ricoh, the current owners of the Pentax brand, just announced the development of a full frame Pentax dSLR. This is really great news, in my opinion, but just too late… I’ve made the leap the Nikon and I like it. It took a while to get used to the subtle differences that Nikon has, but now that I have, the D800 remains an awesome piece of kit that, despite my history of leaping up camera bodies, I haven’t felt a need to upgrade.




Still, I think it’s about time Pentax put a full frame option in the market. There are some that think this is a mistake, that they should have gone mirrorless rather than traditional K-mount, but I don’t agree. Only somebody not really familiar with Pentax would suggest that because the fan base for the brand has lots of legacy glass and they’ll want to use it without adapters.  I also think it fills in a really big hole in their lineup. Today they have entry level (K-50), semi-pro (K-3) and then they leap all the way up to medium format with the 645Z. So, in the Pentax line, the only way to get bigger than APS-C is to jump to a system that will be $20,000 by the time you add a couple of lenses. So, putting a full frame option between the K-3 and the 645Z is very logical to me.

Sadly, just too late…

The Photoshop Model

Titian, Danaë With Eros, 1544
Titian, Danaë With Eros, 1544 (click to view full size and see effect)

It doesn’t take a lot of time on Google to find plenty of examples of Photoshop work done to models to make them more “attractive” in print magazines or online ads. There’s also been a backlash against this in many places, primarily because people are starting to find the extreme editing of normal bodies to not only be tasteless, but also a lie. For an incredible example of how time and effort by the industry has worked to try and change our standards of beauty have a look at this article: What If Famous Paintings Were Photoshopped to Look Like Fashion Models? at Takepart.