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The Lure of Expensive Glass

Otherwise known as “pay a fortune for sharpness nobody is really going to see” lure that many, many, of us fall for…

Portraits and Lenses and Bears (oh my!)

Now that I have three lenses for my Nikon D800, I decided it would be fun to try them out in a “portrait” setting. Now, since I didn’t have a readily available model that would hold the same pose for a number of shots and lens swaps, I decided to…

Alien Bees and the Home Studio

Just this past week I ordered, and received, the DigiBee kit from Alien Bees (Paul C. Buff) with the B800 heads rather than the B400. I’ve been itching to get something like this for quite a while, especially after having bought a pretty weak “home studio” kit that came with…

Now it’s Sunshine and Roses

Well, not really, it is November. However, I took my K-5 back to Henrys today and they replaced it with a new one. No fuss, no muss.

Falling into the Trap and my K-5 Impressions

The other day, against my usually better judgement, I fell into a couple of debates about the capabilities of several cameras…

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