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DIY Lighting Mods with Foamies and Velcro

I’ve previously noted that if you’re into amateur studio photography then foamies are your friend. Now, even more stuff to do with foamies… For all of these mods, I used several types of black and white foamies, some with sticky backs and some with out. These are readily available in…

Foamies and Photography

Foamies are basically craft paper made of foam, about 2 mm thick, that is easily cut and shaped as you need them. So, now that you know what they are, why should you care about them in photography? Well, for the do-it-yourselfer, you should care a lot. Gear is expensive…

DIY Studio Light Table for Product/Macro Photography

You can buy these, of course, but for about $100 (give or take), you can build one yourself. Since I’m on vacation, I decided to spend the time to build one and then share the process on my site (which is remarkably un-grumpy for me). I’m not a professional photographer,…

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