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Pentax K-5 and an Exposure “Oops”

We’ve all done it you know, when you snap a shot and haven’t checked your exposure, when the result you get is just a black image. Well, with the K-5, this isn’t necessarily a lost shot. In fact, the result can be quite interesting!

Playing with my new ring flash

A big chunk of my Christmas gifts went towards buying a new Metz 15MS-1 Ring Flash and so, of course, I had to experiment with it…

Playing Around

Various different shots of things, mostly macro. Updated with some experiments using multicoloured gels on smoke. Updated again with some water on nail action. Updated again with water on CDs.

Light Playing

Playing around with matches, candles, lasers, and plasma balls.

Painting With Light

I got my hands on a green laser pointer and, since it’s so nice and bright, I decided to do some light painting. Here’s some samples.

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