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Catching the Elusive Water Drop

For some reason people, myself included, like water drop photographs. Catching that moment of the splash is a lot of fun (hence the proliferation of them on my site) and it’s actually not all that hard. First, lets talk the basics of it… To catch the drop, you have to…

Splish Splash

Play around with drops again, varying between milk and water. I was trying to get drops hitting each other, but not much luck…

Wings of Paradise

I took a trip down to the Wings of Paradise butterfly conservatory near Cambridge. Very nice place, lots of butterflies and a few birds as well.

Playing Around

Various different shots of things, mostly macro. Updated with some experiments using multicoloured gels on smoke. Updated again with some water on nail action. Updated again with water on CDs.

Oil and Water

Some pictures of oil droplets floating on a watery surface. Some interesting effects with different coloured backgrounds underneath the glass container and shooting from a few angles.

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