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Jeep and the Photography Nut

By Jeep, I mean the real thing: the Wrangler. This isn’t to disparage other Jeep models out there, but when people think about what a Jeep is, they usually think of the Wrangler. In any event, if you look at my photos with any regularity, you’d be well aware that…

Italy – Day 11

This was mostly on Capri, but we returned to Rome that evening and since the Colosseum was on the way, it seemed like a very good evening for night shots of what might be my favourite building.

Italy – Day 10

Sorrento and the Isle of Capri. We had spent the night in Sorrento, wandered a bit for the morning and then made our way to Capri. Capri was wonderful, if you get to Italy and miss this, you missed out.

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