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Phishing with Bad Bait

I have to wonder, really, who falls for some of the phishing expeditions out there. Every now and then, a phishing email manages to elude my filters and make it to my inbox and, for the most part, they just make me laugh and toss it into my junk folder…

The iPad and Photography

With the advent of “The New iPad” (a.k.a the iPad 3), the tablet closes a lot of gaps in capability that make it an even more interesting tool for photographic work. Now, I don’t mean that you should use it as a camera, but more as a tool for doing…

Random tech thoughts

Just some thoughts I have had recently about things like IT and the Google OS.

The Internet Tough Guy is Out Again

From the CBC website on the story of the horrific bus slaying near Winnipeg: enrico57 wrote: Posted 2008/08/01 at 2:53 AM ET “The men on that bus are a bunch of cowards who chose to flee rather than face this ghoulish attacker. I know for sure that this butcher would…

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