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10 Ways to Tell if You’re a Camera Snob

The guys at DigitalRev produce some truly funny and interesting photography videos, especially the series that show professional photographers using toy cameras. I highly recommend checking them out on YouTube.

Two Great Youtube Channels for Photography

A great thing about Youtube is that so many people can create instructional videos and make them widely available whereas, in the past, many had to use static images coupled with text to show you how to do things. I spend a decent portion of my mornings viewing a number…

Slick “Mount Anywhere” Tool – The VBag

Just caught a couple of reviews of a neat new device called the VBag that allows you to mount your camera just about anywhere you might want.

The Lure of Expensive Glass

Otherwise known as “pay a fortune for sharpness nobody is really going to see” lure that many, many, of us fall for…

Copyright and Terms of Service

Post pictures on Facebook? If so, you’re not alone, millions of us do. That includes me, but I’m rethinking that idea quite seriously. The use of social media, notably Facebook and Instagram, has become ubiquitous in the daily lives of many people. For many, this is a way of keeping…