The Man Behind the Bees has Passed Away

Sadly just learned that Paul C. Buff, the man behind the immensely affordable Alien Bees has passed away. Can’t say that I knew him personally, but what I can say is that Buff brought studio lights to us beginner and amateur photographers in a way that no other had done. If it wasn’t for his lights, I wouldn’t have ventured into the more interesting realms of lighting and, for that, I will be forever grateful.

Too Late…


Ricoh, the current owners of the Pentax brand, just announced the development of a full frame Pentax dSLR. This is really great news, in my opinion, but just too late… I’ve made the leap the Nikon and I like it. It took a while to get used to the subtle differences that Nikon has, but now that I have, the D800 remains an awesome piece of kit that, despite my history of leaping up camera bodies, I haven’t felt a need to upgrade.




Still, I think it’s about time Pentax put a full frame option in the market. There are some that think this is a mistake, that they should have gone mirrorless rather than traditional K-mount, but I don’t agree. Only somebody not really familiar with Pentax would suggest that because the fan base for the brand has lots of legacy glass and they’ll want to use it without adapters.  I also think it fills in a really big hole in their lineup. Today they have entry level (K-50), semi-pro (K-3) and then they leap all the way up to medium format with the 645Z. So, in the Pentax line, the only way to get bigger than APS-C is to jump to a system that will be $20,000 by the time you add a couple of lenses. So, putting a full frame option between the K-3 and the 645Z is very logical to me.

Sadly, just too late…

Phishing with Bad Bait

I have to wonder, really, who falls for some of the phishing expeditions out there. Every now and then, a phishing email manages to elude my filters and make it to my inbox and, for the most part, they just make me laugh and toss it into my junk folder to get picked up by my bayesian filter manager. The latest finally sparked me to write about it…

Basically, this email purported to be from “Apple Customer Support” with the wonderful subject of “Support” because nothing gets a message of seriousness across faster than a subject like “Support” does. Clearly, should this be from Apple (stick with me here), they’re obviously feeling a financial pinch and cutting back on their staff. At any rate, with that wonderful kick-off into the message, let’s have a look at the substance, just for shits and giggles…

Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled For Security Reasons!

Oh My God, You Have To Be Shitting Me! Save Me Obi Wan, You’re My Only Hope!

Someone just tried to sign in into your Apple account from other IP Address.

Holy crap, other IP Address, let’s panic! ‘Cause, you know, it’s not like people wander around with mobile devices logged into Apple accounts using various WiFi points or anything…

Please confirm your identity today or your account will be Disabled due to concerns

we have for the safety and integrity of the Apple Community.

We need you to this because we don’t know who you are, except that we know who you are, sort of. We think. Maybe? Well, just in case, could you do this? You know, because your account is the one account to rule them all and if you don’t, well, who knows what will happen to untold millions of users in the Apple Community. It could be a disaster on a global scale. Or not.

To confirm your identity, we recommend that you go to  Verify here >

Well, so much for the doom and gloom, they recommend that you  Verify here > because, well, pretty please?

 copyright 2014 Apple Inc. All Ruggt reserved

I wouldn’t want to mess with their Ruggts I have to say, who knows what they’d do? Dangerous folks, these phishermen. Quite dangerous. If nothing else, they might trip over their competency, fall into a cesspool, and splash you with some gross ooze. Well, probably not, but if that option isn’t more plausible then you clicking on  Verify here > then you need to stop using any and all computational devices now.

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