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Managed C++ or The good, the bad, and the ugly.

A little while ago, in a discussion with a co-worker, I was describing some of the quirks I’d discovered while playing around with managed C++ and coined the expression ‘C+-‘ for it.

Witnessing History

This is it, the eve of a major milestone in the history of the United States.

Flash Flexed

While working with Flash CS3, I had a reason to investigate Flex a little more closely. I was surprised.

Pleasantly Surprised by Flash 9

I haven’t done much with Flash, but I have had a reason to spend a lot of time with it recently, and I’m quite surprised.

The Internet Tough Guy is Out Again

From the CBC website on the story of the horrific bus slaying near Winnipeg: enrico57 wrote: Posted 2008/08/01 at 2:53 AM ET “The men on that bus are a bunch of cowards who chose to flee rather than face this ghoulish attacker. I know for sure that this butcher would…