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The Internet Tough Guy is Out Again

From the CBC website on the story of the horrific bus slaying near Winnipeg: enrico57 wrote: Posted 2008/08/01 at 2:53 AM ET “The men on that bus are a bunch of cowards who chose to flee rather than face this ghoulish attacker. I know for sure that this butcher would…

Experimenting with my Pentax K10D

A while ago I bought a Pentax K10D digital SLR. I’ve used it quite a bit, usually letting the camera do the work of picking the ISO (film speed), the aperature, and the shutter speeds.

The Wonderful World of Domain Slamming

Today I received a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada in a nice envelope that immediately reminds you of the Government of Canada, red maple leaf and all.

An interesting subject on Slashdot: hostnames

Naming servers on a network is always an interesting debate in technology circles, but the Slashdot discussion on it shows something distinct between IT guys and those of us who code for a living. In my current company, and the one previous, it is pretty obvious that the developers had…