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A Taste of Kaua’i (The Garden Isle)

From our trip to Hawaii, this is Kaua’i. Images from our trip to Hawaii… Such a beautiful place. This is Kauai.

Trust Your Light Meter

Late November, I finally bought a hand-held light meter: the Sekonic L-358 Flash Master. The biggest reason I did this is that I was getting more and more into studio-style portrait photography and, in that realm, the hand-held meter can be really, really useful… But only if you trust it!

Photography 101 – A Primer on the TLAs and Terms

Welcome to the world of photography, it is a dazzling world, but mostly because of all of the letters, numbers, and symbols there to keep you dazzled and, to be honest, probably a little puzzled. In this, the first of a series of posts I’m going to write on photography…