Experimenting with my Pentax K10D

A while ago I bought a Pentax K10D digital SLR. I've used it quite a bit, usually letting the camera do the work of picking the ISO (film speed), the aperature, and the shutter speeds. It's generally okay at it, especially under good lighting conditions, but I usually need to do some adjustment of the end result. Recently, I've been spending a lot of time reading in order to dust off a set of skills (e.g. SLR photography) that I hadn't used in ages and, having cudgled my brain back into to some remembrance of it all, I set forth into my backyard armed with my camera set to fully manual control. Here, then, is the result of some of the better pictures. The pictures are quite large (I shoot in RAW format), but I've scaled them down from original if you view the fullsize (had to scale them more, Yahoo hosting couldn't handle the upload conversion, yay).


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