Now it's Sunshine and Roses

Well, not really, it is November. However, I took my K-5 back to Henry's today and they replaced it with a new one. No fuss, no muss. More importantly, my rear e-dial is now behaving correctly and, as an added bonus, I just dropped over a 1000 shutter actuations off my camera!

I've also updated to the 1.01 firmware now. So, there's definitely an improvement on the buffer front and the DNG images seem to be a touch smaller, but barely. I'm guessing that there was something in the buffer algorithm that wasn't quite right. Either way, it more than doubles the number of frames before you fill and, given the frame rate on the K-5, that's a pretty big win. Pentax also mentioned some stability fixes but, to be honest, I hadn't notice any issues on that front. I'm guessing that I wasn't using the features that would have, potentially, had some glitches in it.

Anyways, you can now count me as both a happy Pentaxian and a happy Henrys customer.


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