Call Me Crazy... A New Project 365 This Year

Back in 2010, I did a successful Project 365 and quite enjoyed it. In fact, I was kind of missing it. So, we're here in a new year and I have a new camera, and so I decided I was going to try this again. For those not in the know, a Project 365 is a photography project where you take at least one photo a day and publish it. You don't have to start this project on January 1 (though I tend to do that); some people start on their birthday, some significant holiday, or just when they happen to decide when to do it. If you do want to undertake one of these projects, here's a few tips:

  1. Don't try to take a masterpiece every day. If you try to do this, you'll give up and not enjoy the experience and that's a shame. The purpose of this exercise is to grow as a photographer, improve your eye, and have some fun. Don't stress if your shot for the day ends up being a dusty, cob-webbed covered, lightbulb. As an aside, that happened for one of my shots and there's not a lot you can do to make it more interesting.
  2. Use the web as inspiration. There are a ton of great images online now, an incredible wealth of visual stimulation, so borrow. I don't mean steal the idea, get inspired by them.
  3. Use reading material or music as inspiration. Try creating an interpretation of a book or song title. Maybe do Aesop's fables or Grimms Fairy Tales as subjects. Hmm... Maybe a good Project 52 that one.
  4. Family and friends can keep you going. Make sure they see your images, they're much easier to please as an audience and can keep you motivated.
  5. Shoot early. Doesn't matter what it is, just do it early and so you have something (see point 1 above) and aren't scrambling with 3 minutes to go to midnight.
  6. Shoot it even if you can't post it immediately. I went on vacation a few times the last time I did this and couldn't always get online to post, but I had the shots ready to go when I finally did.
  7. Go out on a limb. Shoot yourself or do something fancy with lights. Just get out of the comfort zone.
  8. Lie down. Amazing things can be seen from the ground. Best way to shoot kids having fun, by the way.
If I think of some more, I'll add them.

At any rate, today is day 6 of my new foray and, in the spirit of my first point above, I think most of my shots have been kind of dull. Day 1 was good, I was prepared for it. Day 6 wasn't too bad,  I had an idea. Middle of the week? Hardest stretch for me because of my working hours. This time around, I'm not doing the shots day by day on my website, I'm using Flickr. If you're (morbidly) curious, you can view them in my Flickr 2013 365 Set which is how I intend to organize them for now.


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