Two Great YouTube Channels for Photography

A great thing about YouTube is that so many people can create instructional videos and make them widely available whereas, in the past, many had to use static images coupled with text to show you how to do things. I spend a decent portion of my mornings viewing a number of photography related channels on YouTube and so want to touch on two of my favourites.

Phlearn provides great tutorial videos for reasonable prices that go into significant depth around a myriad of photographic topics. However, they also make a huge assortment of fun and instructive tutorial videos available on their Youtube channel. Not only are the tutorials well done but the presenter, Aaron Nace, has a fun and friendly style to his commentary that helps draw you into the tutorial. He's very good at showing and explaining as he goes.


Adorama is a huge (more than a) photography store in New York City Youtube channel! They have a variety of presenters in their channel covering a huge range of photographic topics. My particular favourite is Mark Wallace, but they have many others as well. You can spend a lot of time in this channel alone.


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