Learning to Draw

So, here's the thing... I've always liked to draw and paint, but I suck at it. More specifically, I've operated under the impression that I suck at it and, to some degree, I still do. What I have learned, however, is that you can overcome that impression! In fact, what led me to think that way was a website on Fantasy drawing and art where I could see the progression of improvement by a number of artists over time. Suddenly the lightbulb went on and I realized that nobody starts as Leonardo DaVinci, they have to work at it!

Enter Betty Edwards and her wonderful book: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Betty talks about the mental blocks that we develop, especially when young, and why we give up on drawing instead of persisting through the learning curves. That changed a lot of things for me.

So, watch this space as I start learning. I'm not about to throw away the camera in favour of a brush, but I think it's safe to say that I like visual arts and I plan to continue working on my skills in all those areas.

In the meanwhile, I've started working on this:

It's probably about a third done. Lots of work still do on the petals and then I think I want to fill in the background more. Plain white is a bit boring. :)


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