2017 Eclipse

So, this past week I was in Eddyville, Kentucky, for a rare total solar eclipse. We were a bit nervous that morning because the forecast for the area suggested a pretty strong chance that we'd be cloud covered during peak totality, always a chance you take when you pick a vantage point for something like this. Fortunately, the forecasting mechanisms can't really account for the impact an eclipse has on the local weather patterns, with localized temperature drops changing wind patterns, and so the sky stayed marvelously clear for this composite from my shot collection:

No photo can, I think, do this event justice as you really owe it to yourself to witness the spectacular view of totality as it happens. Still, you will find a large number of truly amazing shots from this event online and NASA has a ton of them on their Flickr account.

From a setup perspective, I used my new Sigma 150-600mm lens mounted on a tripod and tethered to my Surface Book using ControlMyNikon tethering software to allow live view on my computer screen. Focus is a bit tricky, as is acquiring the subject, but I sort of did okay. I would have liked some sharper shots, but I'm still pretty happy with the result.

As an aside to all of that, ControlMyNikon is an excellent piece of software. If you plan on any form of tethered shooting, this should be in your repertoire. Seriously, it $39 for the basic version and $59 for the pro version, you'll not find anything cheaper and with the feature set it has.


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