G.A.S. - The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Contemporary Lens

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) has taken a bit of a back seat with me in recent months in favour of substantial quantities of art supplies, but that was until I started getting ready for the upcoming solar eclipse.

I had recently acquired the Lee Solar Eclipse Filter and was planning on using it with my guilty pleasure lens when I happened to be looking at some article or another that mentioned the Sigma 150-600mm and so I went-a-looking. I remembered both the Sport and Contemporary version of the being well-reviewed and that memory was born out by a number of the reviews I encountered and so I decided I was going to get this lens. I had a similar Sigma on my Wish List for quite a long time, but had never pulled the trigger despite wanting it. Glad I waited!

So, first, some quick commentary on the lens:

  • It's heavy! Not so heavy that you can't shoot handheld, but heavy enough that your arms will tire fairly quickly.
  • The focus is snappy on my Nikon D800 and likely even snappier on more recent models (I'm waiting to see the actuals on the D850 before I leap there).
  • There is a barrel lock and it works at all focal extensions, not just at 150mm. This is a huge plus in my book, makes it far less likely to inadvertently change your focal length, something I did a couple of times before I tried the lock out.
  • The image quality looks quite good, the price to benefit ratio is superb here.
Here's a few quick sample shots at various ISOs (click for larger):

ISO 250

ISO 2000

ISO 3200

ISO 1600
It should be noted that all of these were shot handheld with image stabilization on.

Now, to give you a sense of the range of the lens:








All in all, I'm really pleased with this lens! This isn't a review, as such, just my impressions, but if you were to ask me if it looks worth the price and you want the reach that 600mm gives you, then absolutely. This is great option, or you can spend a chunk of change more and get the better sealed Sport version. Either way, the price to performance on this lens is top notch in my book.


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