Lugging My Photographic Self onto Blogger

I have been running this blog on Wordpress hosted by Yahoo for many years. I was never really happy with the situation, but it was working okay and generally performing good enough, that I kind of put up with it. Things change...

This weekend, I went to do some routine site maintenance and write my first blog post in ages when I discovered that Aabaco Small Business (the hot mess that Yahoo previously spun off) has made some changes to permissions on the filesystem that now prevents the site from being able to update over the web. This meant I needed to do manual updates via FTPS and that, well, is just flat out irritating.

So when I couple the speed of the site, which is nothing to write home about, to the pain that this hosting service is giving me, I threw up my hands and began the tedious process of moving over to blogger. To be fair, it wasn't that bad, just some manual labour involved, but I trimmed out the non-photography portions and much of the remaining are galleries that I just converted.

The old site will stay up for a while, into 2018 at least, since I prepaid. I haven't decided about the domain name yet, I may just let it go, it wasn't all that relevant to this blog anyways and I don't really have a strong need for it. I do have a primary domain that I have been using for a lot of years that I may use for all my blogger sites.

As for the blog post I was going to write? It's a coming and it's about a spiffy new lens that I bought for the Solar Eclipse coming this summer. Stay tuned.


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