The Olympus Pen E-PL9 - Punch in your Pocket

I love my Nikon D850 (and D800) camera, the image quality and feature set are simply stunning. It is, in my view (and in others), the best dSLR on the market today. It's also big, bulky, and not always convenient to carry. Enter the Olympus Pen E-PL9.

Now, this is not a full blown review of the camera, just a view of my current impressions, as you can get much more professional and detailed reviews elsewhere, but since it's newly in my hands, why not?

First quick impression: it feels tiny, but really solid. Tiny is a function of the fact that I tend to shoot with a full frame monster, but the solidity of it is very noticeable and I like that a lot. The styling, and mine is the honey brown style you see above, is really well done, it looks and feels very classic, so pushes the nostalgia buttons nicely.

Top view has a nice, old school look as well:

The rear screen articulates for selfie mode and is, unfortunately, your only view option as there is no EVF option for the camera. For me, that wasn't a deal-breaker, though it came close. Ultimately, given the size and shape, I decided that the lack wasn't really a problem since it's almost akwardly small for holding to the eye. Mind you, I may come to regret in super sunny days, we'll see.

In any event, generally an easy to set up camera, though the enclosed instructions really assume that you don't want to do any real change to the shooting modes (like capturing the RAW image). Fortunately, you can get the more complete manual online from Olympus.

Some sample images:

Anyways, a very fun camera and I plan to do a few more experiments with it as I go. Primary expected role: come with me to gatherings and events. May even make a vacation or two, if I get a few additional lenses, probably some primes and maybe a telephoto. I currently have the basic 14 - 42mm kit lens on it, which is a decent lens and gives a 28 - 84mm equivalent field of view, which is a good span for basic shooting at a party, wedding, etc. The whole kit is really quite light, so adding a bit of glass to carry isn't a big deal.


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