Welcome to my website, a website that initially was dedicated to just general opinions about things that annoyed me as I encountered them, but that has largely changed. A few years ago, I finally replaced my dusty film camera with a shiny new dSLR (the Pentax K10D) and I suddenly rediscovered what I enjoyed about photography so much: the thrill of the capture. And so my site began to change its primary focus. This is why over the last year, year and half, or so, the vast majority of what I post is either photographs or topics around photography. The subject has managed to capture my interest far better than much of the day to day stuff that used to rile me up. Having said that, there is still stuff that riles me up and I'll still post about those as well.

In any case, as you can tell, the site is now running on Blogger. I was, at one point, running my own CMS system and it ran fast and well, but I didn't have the time to do all the things I wanted to do with it and, well, there are people already doing those things. WordPress and some associated plugins reached a point that I felt what they offered were substantially better than what I could do on my own that I switched. Then after doing Wordpress on Yahaoo's hosted platform, I hit a wall around the performance and the behaviour of the service and made the semi-painful leap to Blogger. However, I did ensure that my old links still worked, so if you find one that doesn't let me know! I also kept the dates intact, but I do lose the comments and hit count. You can't win them all.

In the meanwhile, this is the photo that I took that reignited my passion in photography:

In terms of who I am? I lead a software engineering organization for Capital One here in Canada. I know what you're thinking because I used to think that way too, but this is a really great agile shop with small, cross-functional teams built to deliver great stuff with little to no interference in their decisions. My job there isn't to tell them what to do, it's to help them remove roadblocks and create a great space to try things out. We're hiring, it's a great place to work, check us out.

One of my biggest hobbies, obviously, is photography. I do like to do that a lot, I'm very seldom without my camera wherever I go and that includes work. My current weapon of choice is the Nikon D850 and I have a variety of different lenses, prime and zoom. As you'll see from my site, there's a lot of variety in what I shoot, though nature and macro are two of my favourites. However, I'm pretty much happy to pull out my camera just about anywhere!


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