Going somewhere? That's okay, here are some of the photography related sites that I find interesting:
  • Stack Exchange Photography is a Q&A site dedicated to the photographic community. It's a member driven site, based on reputation, that can provide some amazingly well-written information on all things photography related. I used to moderate on that site, but I have since ceased active involvement.
  • DP Review is the largest camera review site on the net, primarily dedicated to dSLRs, it also hosts very active forums and fun photography contests that I usually lose.
  • The Strobist is a must site for anybody interested in using strobes (flashes) off camera. You are taking your flash off the camera right? Go there, learn it, do it, you won't regret it.
  • Cambridge in Colour is an excellent site for learning all sorts of things about photography and, perhaps more importantly, the nature of digital cameras. I refer to it often, the information is excellent.
  • DIY Photography is just the place for the shooter on a budget. Heck, even if you have wads of spare cash, some of the DIY stuff is just plain fun anyways. Now, continuing with the full disclosure from above, I've also been featured here as well for my foamie/velcro flash modification system that's still going strong for me.
  • My Flickr stream is rather self-explanatory. I'll note that anything I post there is going to be somewhere on my site here. However, Flickr has a lot to offer, so I post there as well, just not in the same volume.
  • Pentax Photo Gallery offers some of the best photographic work from Pentax shooters around the world. Anyone with a Pentax camera can submit, but having your work posted requires the community to vote on the image(s) being accepted. Some great images to be seen there.
  • Points in Focus offer some really handy photography tools that you can use to calculate angle of view, depth of field, and more.

My Other Sites

  • My Art Wanderings is my art blog. I switched over to a dedicated art blog in October of 2016, coincidentally shortly after the last art post here. My art blog has at least one post a week, so it's active.
  • Random Thoughts of the Directly Aimless is my tech blog. Marginally better maintained then some...


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